Reyn Ouwehand is one of the few people working on C64 remix CDs that was actually fairly well known as a composer on the original system. His first foray into C64 remix CDs, Nexus 6581, was a patchy affair. Its few classic reworkings were often overshadowed by jolly, bouncy numbers that were inexplicably common back in the 1980s.

Galway Remixed is a different beast altogether, collecting eleven of the best Martin Galway tracks and mostly remixing them in an electronic and fairly minimal manner. This is accentuated by the choice of source material, which typically concentrates on Galway’s most repetitious and hypnotic pieces.

The trippy Parallax [Title] and Miami Vice [Ingame] take this to the extreme: both cover the original tracks in full and combine to provide well over twenty minutes of head-nodding goodness. Insects in Space [Title] exists in a similar place, but with more of an edge, although it has very little melody over which to drape the repetitious chords and beats.

Comic Bakery slows things down a notch but still gets the toes tapping. Unlike most C64 tracks, which were progressive throughout, Comic Bakery feels more like a pop song, and its hooks are used to great effect by Ouwehand. The reworking on Galway Remixed is perhaps the closest any remixers have come to emulating the catchy, “destined for success” nature of Zombie Nation (although, to be frank, Ouwehand’s track is rather more engaging).

Oddly, the CD moves away from hypnotic, dance-oriented beats several times, and those tracks are very eclectic in nature. Parallax [Ingame] is yet another pseudo-ambient reworking of the tune, which compares favourably with the one on Back in Time 3; Arkanoid [Title] is a fairly straight remix of the industrial original; and Rambo [High Score Drums] sounds like an experiment that someone accidentally forgot to remove from the master CD.

Unfortunately, this dual approach means the CD is something of a stop-start affair, and momentum built up by the rhythmic pieces often vanishes when everything slows to accommodate the more passive tracks. In essence, it feels like there are two CDs fighting to get out. Despite this, Galway Remixed is a commendable effort and a worthwhile purchase for fans of Galway’s output and ambient, hypnotic electronica alike.

Reyn Ouwehand
Galway Remixed (2002)

Genre: Electronic
Record Label: Prevue Productions

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