The Jasmine Minks have always been an incredible band to come out of Creation Records. Their passion alone is enough to give them respect. Besides the passion, there is a love for music, a love for expression, and open minds. Their last LP Popartglory (released on Alan McGee’s Poptones label) was modern indie-pop rock classic. Before Popartglory, The Minks released an indie album through their own Genius Move label and The Veritas LP was filled with instrumental and electronic beats, bleeps and booms. Three incredible songs did exist and they had lyrics! Those three songs found their way on this new I Heard ‘I Wish It Would Rain’ EP (released on The Bus Stop Label). Remixed, re-mastered, and re-done, this is a modern classic.

The title track I Heard ‘I Wish It Would Rain’ is beautiful and poignant track with female backing vocals and an emotional crescendo. ”Coming to an end of an era / massively defeated by fate / It’s not the end for you” It’s positive, it’s poignant, and it’s everything we love about indie-pop. The mixture of the female and male vocals work extremely well. I hope the Minks attempt more of this in future recordings. Another treat is that the song is extended from the original version on the Veritas LP. The extension is not only much needed but gives the song a more important epic quality.

Blown Away is another soft and emotional track that is the least catchy track of the EP. The passion in Jim Shepard’s voice is impressive! Blown Away is like a theme song for the precious moment in a film. Once again, strength and passion flow out of the cords and the vocals.

Learn To Suffer is the final track on the album. Unfortunately, it is cut short compared to the longer version on Veritas. Still, the emotion and the vibe are captured. The thick electronic drum track pounds along as mystical organ melodies dance over the rhythm. ”I can see through you / I’ve seen the things you do / I know the words you say / Won’t sway or change my view/ But I want you to aspire /To all those things you desire / I won’t stand in your way / No way, let your spirit dictate” Once again, the lyrics have both strength and vulnerability. The chorus is not only mature but somewhat empowering: ‘You’ve got to – Learn to suffer / Suffer to learn / Cause no pain brings no gain / But it’s a fast track for change’ Don’t you love the truth in lyrics? Unlike many people, I was honored to hear the original demo version of Learn To Suffer that did not have the thick drum beat. The original version was the one I fell in love with but this version is tremendous nonetheless.

The Scot-pop of The Jasmine Minks was always beautiful. Their music was always empowering to their listener. One of their first singles Think! had the angry and victorious line ‘You think you’re the answer to it all ‘ but your not!’. This passion, aggression, anger all mixed with a vulnerability makes The Minks a magnificent band. The Jasmine Minks have not lost any of their passion, their power, or their love for music. While I always wondered why these 3 phenomenal songs never made it on their LP Popartglory, I can now see why. I Heard ‘I Wish It Would Rain’, Blown Away and Learn To Suffer make an outstanding EP. These songs have everything we love about the vintage Jasmine Minks along with everything new that inspires them. I would hate to Learn To Suffer without the Minks.

Jasmine Minks
I Heard ‘I Wish It Would Rain’ EP (2003)

Genre: indie
Record Label: Bus Stop

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