As a little boy, filled with curiosity about sex, I would watch the midnight foreign sex films on Showtime. They tweaked my mind forever, but not in the way most people may think. While regular pornographic movies capture the action on video, have horrible acting, and is just basically sex, some foreign films like ‘The Story Of O’ seem to be considered art, not pornography.

While Bondage and S&M; are not yet mainstream, more and more people are accepting different lifestyles and opening their minds to erotic literature and art. Maria Beatty is a filmmaker specialising in art films with extreme fetish themes. ‘Maria Beatty Fetish Films Volume 1’ is basically a DVD containing two short films: ‘The Elegant Spanking’ (1995) and ‘The Black Glove’ (1996) are two black and white films, without dialogue, but overflowing with erotic sensuality. Maria Beatty not only directs, writes, and produces these films, but stars in them as the submissive slave, too.

Like classic silent movies, the only sounds are music (and sometimes the clanking of black high heels). Between shots, the dialogue captions display what the slave is thinking. Although the bondage is occasionally somewhat violent and the nudity is abundant, the sensuality is always overwhelming. While some may feel she perhaps goes too far in specific scenes, Maria Beatty has succeeded in making erotic films into works of art.

‘The Black Glove’ is not only the most recent of the two films but also the exceptional one. The mistress keeps her slave (Maria Beatty) wrapped up in some kind of bag. Wearing thigh-high stockings, garter belt, and black bra, the slave is spanked, whipped, slapped, tied up, and more. While the newcomer to sadomasochism may stop there, the pain is taken a step further with clamps and even candle wax dripped onto her private parts. Painful to watch, but still exciting, beautiful and sexy.

The slave displays her complete submission to her mistress as the pain and domination seems to get more and more intense. Eventually, a hood is placed on her head as well as a weird balloon-like gag that inflates in her mouth. Once the session is done, the slave is in a state of complete submission. A wonderful conclusion to the relatively plot-less film. Tied and bonded tighter and tighter with more and more pain inflicted on her, the slave is left there to writhe in pleasure.

‘The Black Glove’ is probably one of the sexiest, most twisted, and yet the most alluring fetish film there is.

‘The Elegant Spanking’ does not have the same maturity as ‘The Black Glove’. Although it still can be categorized as erotic art, there is more of an exploitative feeling about it. Maria plays a maid who is a complete submissive. Wearing a French-maid teddy instead of the much sexier French-maid uniform, the submissive is free to walk around and move. Filmed in beautiful black and white, the mistress urinates on her maid, slaps her around, and spanks her often. All this time, the maid continues to kiss her feet over and over again while the mistress kicks her away.

Many people think Maria Beatty is a pornographic director, but the two fetish films in this collection can and should be considered erotic art. The use of black and white cinematography give the films a classic, timeless feel.

Another beautiful thing about ‘The Black Glove’ is that it can be viewed as a film to watch or just as something sexy to play in the background while you and your lover can engage in a kinky evening. (You can also use the plastic DVD case to spank one another.) [Editor: um, okaaay…]

‘The Elegant Spanking’ is also sexy but the loose structure make it less engaging. In ‘The Black Glove’, it was evident that everything was planned out to the last nipple clamp, but ‘The Elegant Spanking’ relies more on shock value and has a more of an experimental feel. In ‘The Black Glove’, however, Maria knows exactly what she’s doing. Some of the images in ‘The Black Glove’ may shock people, the purpose of the film was to be sensuous and not shocking.

There is a beauty to domination and submission. In these films, the master and slave relationship never feels campy, tawdry, or even forced. Maria Beatty is a talented and brave female filmmaker of fetish films that push the boundaries between erotic art and pornography. So, get on your hands and knees and beg for this DVD.

The Black Glove/The Elegant Spanking (1995/96)
Dir. Maria Beatty
Stars: Maria Beatty, Mistress Morgana, Rosemary Delain
Genre: Sadomasochism, Bondage, Art

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