How 2LDK came about is, you have director Yukihiko Tsutsumi sitting down with Ryuhei Kitamura sometime in 2002.

Steamboy (Suchîmubîi)

After revolutionising Anime in 1988 with Akira, director Katsuhiro Otomo has now turned his attentions to Victorian England in his latest animation feature. Manchester schoolboy Ray Steam (voiced by Anna Paquin, X-Men's Rogue) is given a mysterious steam ball by his wild-eyed and white-haired inventor grandfather Lloyd (Patrick Stewart), and warned to guard it with his life. [...]

Dancer in the Dark

Movies Dancer in the Dark Dancer in the Dark premiered in Cannes in 2000 with a lot of expectation surrounding it, due in part to the fact that director Lars Von Trier has a tradition of bringing great films to the Croisette (Breaking the Waves won the Special Jury Award in 1996, and Europa also won special mentions in [...]

16 Blocks

Movies 16 Blocks Some movie plots seem to have been plucked out of the air on a “what if...” basis, taking some absurd notion to its logical conclusion. Take Phone Booth(2002) for example. The what if... in that feature was whether it'd be possible to keep Colin Farrell in a phone booth for an entire movie. Doesn't necessarily [...]

Mission Impossible III

Movies Mission Impossible III The Summer blockbuster season is officially upon us and first out of the gate is Mission Impossible III, the latest instalment of the Tom Cruise action franchise based on the TV series that ran from 1966 to 1973 about a group of secret agents working for the US government. The movies are [...]

The Da Vinci Code

It's difficult to know quite why, but The Da Vinci Code, cribbed from a number of dubious sources and reading like a poorly written airport novel, has become a world-wide phenomenon. Author Dan Brown has managed to sell over 60 million copies of the book and it was inevitable that the mystery thriller would be turned [...]

District 13

Movies District 13 For anyone who associates French films with moody, slow paced black & white art-house fare filled with meaningful looks and aloof Frenchmen smoking Gauloises, this is sure to disappoint. For those look more favourably upon Hollywood popcorn action extravaganzas it should prove to be something of an eye-opener. With Luc Besson (Nikita, [...]

X-Men 3: The Last Stand

What can be said about the latest round of comic book translations that hasn’t already been said? As a self-professed graphic novel fanboy, I expect these movies to be pale reflections of the true glory that they attempt to mirror and so far I haven’t been massively disappointed. The best thing that can happen to [...]

United 93

Director Paul Greengrass’s new film United 93 has attracted both praise and criticism for its portrayal of one of America’s worst atrocities. Since its release in the USA some critics have said that the film was insensitive, arguing that it has trivialised horrific events too fresh in the memories of a country still trying to come to [...]

Down in the Valley

Movies Down in the Valley It's difficult not to feel a little uneasy when Tobe Sommers (Evan Rachel Wood), a high school senior from the San Fernando Valley, picks up easy going Harlan (Ed Norton) at a gas station and flirts shamelessly with him at the beach. Despite Harlan's apparent laid-back nature, the age difference [...]

Panique au Village

Anyone who was a child of the 70s or 80s, and watched a lot of television, will be familiar with the stop motion and claymation series which littered the schedules at the time. There were The Flumps, The Clangers, The Magic Roundabout, Morph, Postman Pat, Camberwick Green, Trumpton, Chigley and Paddington to name but a few. They were all [...]

The Omen

Anyone familiar with my reviews and news posts will know that I constantantly rail against Hollywood for the paucity of fresh ideas. That's not to say that is nothing new and interesting happening in American cinema, but there is a trend for rehashing classics (and, it has to be admitted, the occasional pedestrian film too). [...]

Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Mans Chest

Dead Mans Chest is the second movie in a trio of Pirates of the Caribbean films, and is a worthy successor to Gore Verbinski's first pirate flick. What was surprising about Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse Of The Black Pearl was its unique approach: a sort of black comedy built around a solid story line, great [...]

Superman Returns

Superman Returns has had a difficult time getting to the screen. From the cancelled Tim Burton version with Nicolas Cage, to the dubious choice of directors (like McG and Brett Ratner) this movie has been gestating in Hollywood for a long time. It finally sees the light of day, and with thankfully accomplished results. Bryan Singer, [...]

Little Fish

Movies Little Fish It's quite a leap to go from Farscape to Little Fish, but that's exactly what director Rowan Woods has done thanks to a script by Jacqueline Perske and an ensemble cast featuring some of Australia’s finest actors. After helming many episodes of the four season science fiction series Farscape, Woods returned to his roots with something [...]

The Illusionist

Sitting in the theatre watching this film, you might wish you yourself were an illusionist, so that you could make yourself disappear. In fact, the title might have been more aptly called The Hypnotist, since the central couple (Edward Norton and Jessica Biel) look like they’re in a trance that prevents them from showing their real [...]


I can hardly think of a better recipe for disaster than hauling a bunch of young offenders out of their government-sanctioned concrete dormitory and dumping them in the wilds of a remote and uninhabited island, but it appears that adding a cold, calculating killer and a pack of vicious dogs adds some delicious icing to [...]


Movies Crank Many action movies promote themselves as high adrenaline, but Crank, directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, is the real deal. Literally. Chev Chelios (Jason Statham), a hit man, wakes up in his apartment to discover that he's been injected by an obscure Chinese poison which will kill him within the hour. In order [...]

Right at Your Door

Following the real-life tragedies of September 11 2001 and subsequent films United 93 (2006) and World Trade Center (2006), America is slowly accepting the reality of massive terrorist attacks on its soil. But rather than tackle the heroics of every day folk like the movies of Paul Greengrass and Oliver Stone, Chris Gorak's first feature Right at Your Door takes a [...]

Half Nelson

Movies Half Nelson “Am I to believe they had sexual intercourse?” When the final texts scroll up the screen on the Ryan Fleck directed Half Nelson, no one is credited for how ill at ease the film’s unanswered questions leaves me feeling. It would be easy to blame in on the witty writing credited to Anna [...]

The Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia is based on the novel of the same name by James Ellroy, which was itself inspired by the real-life unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short in 1947. Ellroy's novel diverges considerably from the actual events, but helped propel him from genre writer to literary star, forming the basis of his LA Quartet series of novels, which [...]

The Last King of Scotland

Early on in Kevin Macdonald’s The Last King of Scotland, I found myself liking Idi Amin. I found myself liking him despite the fact that I knew he was one of the most brutal dictators in world history, killing 300,000 of his African brethren in the ‘70s as leader of Uganda. How could a film make [...]

The Departed

If you've had a chance to catch Wai Keung Lau and Alan Mak’s Infernal Affairs trilogy, then you will know that the series is Asia’s equivalent to The Godfather(1972), only without the underwhelming third instalment. It’s a brilliant slice of Hong Kong cinema, intelligently written and taut, that found critical success in both the East and the [...]

The Science of Sleep

Love Letter In his short film La Lettre (1998), Michel Gondry introduces audiences to the socially awkward but lovable character Stephane, a character based largely on the director’s own childhood experiences. The 14-minute piece is a celluloid snapshot of French adolescence in which a boy, Stephane, receives an inauspicious letter from the object of his infatuation, Aurelie. [...]

Marie Antoinette

Movies Sofia Coppola A good case for creativity being passed through the genes can be made for Sofia Coppola, the acclaimed director of The Virgin Suicides (1999) and Lost in Translation (2003), daughter of Francis Ford Coppola and ex-wife of maverick filmmaker Spike Jonze. As an actress she failed to sparkle, and many blame her presence for ruining The Godfather [...]

Pan’s Labyrinth [El Laberinto del Fauno]

A fairy tale for adults is the best way to summarise Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, childlike, magical and full of dark menace in equal measure, the movie is an incredible experience. It could be considered a companion piece to del Toro’s earlier The Devil’s Backbone (2001), and he himself thinks the movie could be seen as an [...]


Movies Eragon Half way through this movie I suddenly twigged: I've seen this film before. No, not Lord of the Rings, but Star Wars. Even right down to the hairstyle of lead actor Edward Speleers—which looks exactly like Mark Hamill's 70s mop when he played Luke Skywalker—the story arc is a carbon copy of George Lucas' classic. Eragon (Speleers) is [...]

Run, Fat Boy, Run

I'm not really sure why I wasn't expecting great things from Run, Fat Boy, Run, afterall, it has a stellar cast in the shape of Simon Pegg, Hank Azaria and Thandie Newton, a screenplay originally by Michael Ian Black and then given a UK twist by Pegg, and is helmed by ex-Friends star David Schwimmer. And yet [...]

Lilo & Stitch

Movies Lilo & Stitch Lilo & Stitch is not your average Disney flick, and is a serious contender for the best animated movie I’ve seen in a long while, just slightly behind Monsters Inc. If you’d previously dismissed Disney as saccharine dross featuring a journey of some kind by a reluctant hero (or heroine) aided [...]

Donnie Darko

Movies Donnie Darko Donnie Darko, the genre defying slow burner released in the US in 2001, has only just had a feature release in the UK and this is probably due to both its troubled beginnings and its current cult status. Written by first time Director Richard Kelly straight out of school, he spent a [...]

The Ring

Hideo Nakata's Ringu has had an interesting history. Nakata's movie was a remake of a 1995 TV show Ringu: Kanzen-ban directed by Chisui Takigawa about a journalist who investigates the sudden deaths of four young healthy people and traces it back to a cabin and a videotape. The rather lacklustre TV series was in turn [...]


Summer is starting even earlier this year. You can’t help feeling that the early release of X2 has got a lot to do with the encroaching silhouette that is the Matrix sequel. You could certainly argue that both films have a similar audience. Still, the original X-men emerged as one of the best comic to [...]

Style Wars

Style Wars is truly a classic. Some would argue that it characterizes the true spirit and energy of hip-hop culture; with DJs, MCs, b-boys and graffiti writers. KRS-1 was quoted as saying “If you want to know what hip-hop is really all about, see a film called Style Wars.” I couldn’t agree more. Style Wars, [...]

The Animatrix

A few weeks ago, the ultimate edition of Japanese anime classic Akira was re-re-released. Apart from bundling the original with the digitally re-mastered version, the only discernible addition seemed to be a new sound- bite from Empire magazine on the front. It read: “No Akira, no Matrix, it’s that important.” However accurate (and cynical from a marketing [...]

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Casual cultural observers may be somewhat shocked at learning that "Pirates of the Caribbean" exists above and beyond the pedestrian task of selling McDonalds' hamburgers. Unfortunately, in the wonderful world of Disney, this tenuous line between movies and marketing promotions has long since been blurred. But let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater [...]

Dark Water

Movies Dark Water Alternative title: Honogurai mizu no soko kara Japanese director Hideo Nakata put himself on the map when his movie version of Koji Suzuki's book, the Ring (which had previously been adapted into two TV shows) was released and became a cult horror hit. The movie spearheaded a renewed interest in Japanese horror [...]

Waking Life

Richard Linklater is probably best known for his debut feature Slackers, which defined him as one of the most interesting new American independent Directors of the 1990s. Although Waking Life was released in 2001, it’s now available on DVD for anyone that missed it first time round (or those like me who want to check [...]


Movies Akira In anticipation for the upcoming DVD release, I decided to revisit an old favorite, and take a look at one of the very first laserdiscs I purchased: "Akira, the Criterion Collection edition." Every once in a while, you come across a movie that restores your faith in film. It's not because of a [...]

The Doom Generation

There are some movies that are so bad that you should be able to take them back, no matter what the return policy is. It shouldn't matter if you opened the disc, accidentally scratched it, or used it as a coaster. You should be able to return a bad movie on the principle of it. It would [...]

Space is the Place

Sun Ra has always been an eccentric jazz musician and one of the fathers of psychedelic, freak out, music. Lately, many old and out of print music related films have released on DVD and Sun Ra’s 1974 movie, “Space Is The Place” has been released in an uncut form with special features and over 20 [...]

The Black Glove/The Elegant Spanking

As a little boy, filled with curiosity about sex, I would watch the midnight foreign sex films on Showtime. They tweaked my mind forever, but not in the way most people may think. While regular pornographic movies capture the action on video, have horrible acting, and is just basically sex, some foreign films like 'The [...]

Inside Hip Hop

Movies Inside Hip Hop While hip-hop DVDs are becoming more and more popular, a majority of them are just documents or advertisements for the artists who release them. Many DVDs advertise that they give you a 'behind the scenes' look at the hip-hop industry, but it's rare that the viewer gets a real education about [...]


Valentin is a precocious 8 year old boy who, like another famous 8 eight year old; Lisa Simpson, is wise beyond his years. In a moment of sincerity and innocence, he screams “Why do all grown ups lie all the time?” the theme of this funny, charming film from Argentinian writer-director Alejandro Agresti. Valentin is [...]

Infernal Affairs

Movies Infernal Affairs AKA: Wu jian dao Infernal Affairs is a crime trilogy that we'll be hearing a lot more about over the next couple of years. This, the original, was an enormous hit in its native Hong Kong, and has already spawned a prequel, with a sequel on the way. Brad Pitt has snapped [...]

Requiem for a Dream

Movies about drug addiction usually follow the same arc: the initial hit, addiction, optimism, more addition, failed attempt at quitting, and then finally a decent into horror. Darren Aronofsky's second film, "Requiem For A Dream", follows those familiar curves, but does it with an intensity rarely seen in films, let alone films of this nature. [...]

Cos์ Fan Tutte

Movies Così fan tutte When I was young and going through puberty, I used to love the foreign erotic films on cable television so much more than the overt and bland hardcore pornography of the US. The foreign films not only had stories and plotlines but they were just sexier. There was always more lingerie and [...]

Starsky & Hutch

David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser played two undercover cops busting crime in a red and white Ford Torino in the cult cop drama Starsky & Hutch which began in 1975 and enjoyed a three year run. The series began as a tough drama, but gradually softened around the middle as the leads spent more [...]

Dawn of the Dead

Movies Dawn of the Dead Remakes, especially of perfectly good movies, strike me as pure laziness on the part of Hollywood, and there currently seems to be a trend away from original ideas in favour of rehashing old plots or importing movies from the Hong Kong, Korea and Japan. Horror movies seems to suffer from [...]

Shaun of the Dead

While Hollywood continues to churn out remake after remake of classic horror flicks, Edgar Wright and Sean Pegg have been doing something a little more interesting: taking the romantic comedy that the British film industry has now almost become synonymous with and injecting more than a little of their own warped world. Those familiar with [...]

Gigantic: (A Tale Of Two Johns)

Movies Gigantic: (A Tale Of Two Johns) The quirky Brooklyn based group, They Might Be Giants have been one of the most eclectic and eccentric duos in music history. While many have dismissed them as a novelty group, their following has only grown since they began in the 80’s. Led by the 2 Johns (Flansburgh [...]

Reno 911 (The Complete First Season) DVD

Thank God for Comedy Central! While other channels like HBO and Showtime have brought us quality contemporary shows like Six Feet Under, Deadwood, Dead Like Me, and others, Comedy Central have brought us hilarious shows that test the boundaries of political correctness. South Park and Chappelle’s Show will go down in history as some of [...]

Ju-On: The Grudge

Movies Ju-On: The Grudge (2003) Either director Takashi Shimizu knows that he's hit a creative seam with his spooky movies about a haunted house and the murderous curse that lives there, or he's not ashamed of milking a good idea to death for the cash. Takashi has recently finished filming the fifth version of the Ju-on movies [...]

Ju-On: The Grudge 2

Movies Ju-On: The Grudge 2 (2003) The original Ju-On (itself a remake of a popular low-budget made-for-TV movie) took the Japanese horror film about as far as it could go in its current creepy form. It was a great movie, but was flawed on several counts: it was too long and the plot was confusing as it [...]

She Hate Me

Spike Lee’s She Hate Me is a technically excellent motion picture. It showcases the venerable director’s beautifully organic camera, boasts a razor-sharp screenplay, and features stellar performances by many actors you’ve probably never heard of. Its scenarios are funny and accessible to even casual moviegoers, and its subject matter gleaned from today’s headlines. So why is it [...]

The Shawshank Redemption

The story of The Shawshank Redemption is well known. Based on a Stephen King novella, the film was released in 1994 to a warm critical reception, but failed to turn a profit at the box office. Finding an audience through TV and video, it gradually grew to become a phenomenon, a canonised classic, and something [...]

Blade: Trinity

Movies Blade: Trinity When Guillermo Del Toro passed on the opportunity of helming the third Blademovie to direct his dream project, Hellboy, the baton went to writer and occasional director David S. Goyer. In Goyer's Blade: Trinity we find Blade (Wesley Snipes), the half vampire killing machine, in his trademark sunglasses taking out dozens of bloodsuckers, reducing them to [...]

Infernal Affairs II

Movies Infernal Affairs II AKA: Wu jian dao 2 "The bad guys get everything. The good guys end up with nothing" ruminates Superintendent Wong dryly at the beginning of this prequel to the superb Infernal Affairs from 2002. And it's a statement that seems to infuse the mood of the entire movie, much as it did the [...]

Meet the Fockers

Movies Meet the Fockers Meet the Fockers is the follow-up to the Jay Roach's hugely successful and generally funny Meet the Parents (2000), where Robert De Niro was finally granted his life-long wish of graduating to comedy acting after trying desperately hard in Analyze This (1999), Analyze That (2002) and, uh, The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000). That's not to say Bob hasn't [...]

Taegukgi [Taegukgi hwinalrimyeo]

Taegugki is a hot topic lately due not to the film itself, which is best described as a Korean Saving Private Ryan, or its long-awaited Region 1 NTSC release, which seems to have gone by unnoticed, but due to the tragic suicide of lead actress Eun-ju Lee on February 22nd, which is completely unrelated. It is also known for [...]

Gunner Palace

Movies Gunner Palace In its two years of non-stop Iraq coverage, the media somehow overlooked what are becoming some of the Iraq war’s most pertinent images: those from the live-music parties at Uday Hussein’s palace pool. Here, soldiers flip off diving boards, play heavy metal guitar solos, and take a break from the horrors of [...]


Movies Appleseed Recent anime movies have raised the visual bar through use of CGI. Appleseed goes the whole hog with a combination of 3D rendered sets, 3D cell shaded characters and motion actors to provide realistic movements and cinematography. Some say this introduces a new genre beyond anime – but what we really want to [...]

The Machinist

The opening scenes in Brad Anderson's The Machinist show the lengths an actor will go to for a role. Reportedly surviving on an apple and a can of tuna a day, Christian Bale's weight plummeted from 180 pounds (82 kilograms) to a skeletal 120 pounds (54 kilograms) to play the part of metal worker Trevor Reznik, and [...]

Rubber Johnny

Chris Cunningham is one of the most sought-after filmmakers today thanks to his original, unique vision and collaborations with artists such as Björk, The Auteurs, Leftfield, and Squarepusher. But it's really his work with his musical muse Aphex Twin that swings open the dark door into his mind; and it's with justified trepidation we step [...]

Haibane Renmei Volume 1: New Feathers

Movies Haibane Renmei Volume 1: New Feathers The trouble with people who have fantastic ideas is that I'm not one of them and the law is on their side should I choose to rip them off. Conceptually Haibane Renmei is far too cool for school. It looks great and the initial premise of the series is so [...]

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Quandry Phase: So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

Much like the cosmos it describes and satirises, Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker'sUniverse can be a confusing place. The original adventures of Arthur Dent began life as a hugely successful radio series back in the late 70s. The early 80s saw the Secondary Phase splash down on BBC Radio 4 and, shortly after, the TV show faithfully re-enacted the first [...]


Movies Firefly There are a few network scheduling and programming executives I'd like to meet, and politely ask why a few of my favourite shows have been cancelled or mismanaged over the years. Time and time again, shows which have obvious potential, and even mass-market appeal, if given half a chance would thrive and create [...]

Freestyle: The Art Of Rhyme

Movies Freestyle: The Art Of Rhyme The art of improvisational rhyming is now an essential skill for the modern day underground emcee. Freestyle: The Art Of Rhyme DVD (directed by Kevin Fitzgerald aka DJ Organic) is one of the most interesting and philosophical documents of this entertaining art form. Released by Palm Pictures, the documentary [...]

Paradise Lost & Revelations: Paradise Lost 2

On May 6 1993, the bodies of three children, missing from the day before, were discovered in Robin Hood Hills, West Memphis, Arkansas, a small local wood. The children had been, stripped, severely mutilated and in the case of Christopher Byers, the genitals had been removed. The crime shocked the West Memphis community and the [...]

The Descent

It is surprising that caves have not been used more as a location for horror films. They lend themselves perfectly to scaring the living daylights out of an audience. Claustrophobic, remote, cold, inhospitable; an unexplored world that, best of all, exists in complete darkness. And we’re not talking about the phony darkness you find in [...]

Last Days

Movies Last Days This review is not about Kurt Cobain The writer trying to explain Last Days to a friend: Writer: So I watched Last Days, the new Kurt Cobain film by director Gus Van Sant that isn t about Kurt Cobain but makes references to Kurt Cobain through Michael Pitt s character, Blake, without [...]

He Man & the Masters of the Universe

Movies He Man & the Masters of the Universe In claiming "classic" status for early 80s futuristic warrior cartoon He Man & The Masters of the Universe (first series, 1983-85) it is arguable that you need to look very, very closely for justification. Perhaps the greatest challenge is the man himself, part beefcake He Man and part [...]

The Business

I can't remember the last time I was so disappointed in a movie as I was with Nick Love's The Business. Love, who arrived on the movie radar last year with his look at soccer violence, The Football Factory, sets his new movie amongst the expat gangsters and cons living on the Costa Del Sol during the [...]

A History of Violence

Movies A History Of Violence If you look at our Greek literature, stories from thousands of years ago, violence is not only seen as a part of life, it is celebrated. Men who were skilled in violence were celebrated as heroes. In Homeric battles violent ability was coveted and rewarded. Violence was good. Today we [...]

The Brown Bunny

"Bud Clay, a budding motorcycle racer [Vincent Gallo] gets a realer than realistic onscreen blowjob from the beautiful Daisy Lemon [Chloe Sevigny]." That is basically what every other critic had said about this film. That was also partially why instead of rushing to view the film on opening night, as I usually do, I waited [...]

Kinky Boots

Movies Kinky Boots When the young Charlie Price (Joel Edgerton) inherits the family business, a failing shoe factory in Northampton, he feels like a fish out of water. Unable even to operate the office intercom, he finds that one of his first tasks is to make fifteen of his workers redundant. Cheap imports from abroad [...]

When The Wind Blows

Although it seems an unlikely notion today, back in the 1980s nuclear war seemed a distinct possibility, even a foregone conclusion. The Cold War had pitched the West against the Soviet Union and its allies resulting in a massive arms race and increasingly sinister sabre rattling. After the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, when the [...]


By rights, Serenity is a film that should never been made. Based on the short-lived Fox television series Firefly, excellent DVD box-set sales allegedly prompted Universal to snatch up the property for a big-screen outing. However, success on the small screen is by no means an indicator of movie box office success, and most such transitions fare poorly. [...]


Movies Domino Domino is a car crash of a movie. Not a slight fender bender that chips the paint, but a cartwheeling-down-the-highway-while-on-fire kind of car crash that ends up landing on a gas station and bursting into a ball of flame about twenty stories high. It's an over the top, out of control, wreck; an eye-blistering, [...]

The Legend of Zorro

My first encounter with Zorro, the masked, sword-wielding outlaw, who fights injustice in the Spanish-era California, was the Disney produced TV series which originally ran from 1957 to 1959. It was shot in black and white and starred Guy Williams as Don Diego de la Vega, the man behind the mask, who was fond of [...]

The Family Stone

Meredith Morton (Sarah Jessica Parker) is a power dressing executive with high morals who is accompanying her boyfriend Everett Stone (Dermot Mulroney) to meet his liberal family for Christmas. The film opens to the familiar refrain of Dean Martin's version of the Yuletide song Let It Snow. Meredith and Everett are in a department store [...]


Orlando is a modern classic for a variety of reasons. When it was released in 1992, the film rode on waves of excellent reviews, equally praising the audacity of the filmmaker and also the sheer beauty and wondrous performance of its leading lady, Tilda Swinton. Orlando, adapted by Marleen Gorris from the novel by Virginia Woolf, [...]

Divergence [San cha kou]

Movies Divergence [San ch kou] (2006) Imagine this. You've just met someone for the first time and you've discovered you have a lot of things in common. You both know Jim who works in the bowling alley, and you both like prawn toast. Things are going well, until your interlocutor suddenly starts talking about rabbits. [...]


Movies Capote Truman Capote was a hugely successful writer, and one of the first literary superstars. He spent his time composing and relishing a pervasive cult of celebrity, and was a keystone of New York's high-class social scene in the late 50s. Raised by his elderly female cousins, he initially struggled to achieve a high [...]

Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – 2nd Gig – Volume 2 [攻殻機動隊]

Movies Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – 2nd Gig – Volume 2 [攻殻機動隊] The amusingly acronymed GiTS franchise has become synonymous with cyberpunk since Masamune Shirow's original manga, with Mamoru Oshii's epic 1995 movie adaptation placing the dystopian, cyborgs-in-existential-crisis universe right up alongside those of William Gibson and Philip K. Dick in the collective consciousness [...]

Black Hawk Down

Movies Black Hawk Down Saving Private Ryan opened the floodgates on war movies containing tense, realistic action sequences. Every director wants to live out his boyhood fantasies and blow stuff up, from Randall Wallace (We Were Soldiers) and John Woo (Windtalkers) to Terrence Malick’s more cerebral approach (Thin Red Line). Now Ridley Scott has joined [...]

Alien Autopsy

Movies Alien Autopsy Alien Autopsy is a disturbing film, but not—surprisingly—because of its queasy scenes of faked extraterrestrial necropsy, but because on a superficial level I never thought I'd live to see the day when Declan Donnelly would share big screen space with Harry Dean Stanton, and on a less superficial level the fact that it [...]