Boom Boom Satellites

When Boom Boom Satellites last played in London back in July, it was in the sweaty Dublin Castle venue in Camden. Although singer and guitarist Michiyuki Kawashima and bass player and knob twiddler Masayuki Nakano put on a foundation-shaking performance, I felt that perhaps the venue was too small for them. Boom Boom Satellites are back in [...]

Mika Bomb

The Notting Hill Arts Club is a small basement venue on London's Notting Hill Gate. Despite its awkward shape (the stairs down slice the club in half) it's hosted a lot of cool club nights such as Anokha and Brazilian Love Affair which suit its unpretentious, open vibe. It's now home to Sticky Rice on the last [...]

The Matthew Herbert Big Band, Bugge Wesseltoft

Mathew Herbert’s previous work under other guises (Herbert, Wishmountain, Doctor Rockit, Rockit Boy) has often tended toward the cerebral. His latest ‘Big Band’ project is no exception. Born from experimental pieces produced for the soundtrack of Blanca Li’s breakdance documentary Le Défi, the big band concept evolved into an album of its own, Goodbye Swingtime, on which [...]

Pram & To Rococo Rot

There are not too many great venues in Birmingham. The Carling Academy seems to attract any band on their way through town, the NEC pulls in the big hitters like Britney and Elton and then there are the usual pubs attracting ACDC cover bands. And then there is the Custard Factory. An old converted Birds [...]

Jamie Lidell

I first experienced the Jamie Lidell live experience at the 2004 Ether Festival at the Royal Festival Hall on London's South Bank, and It's a fair assessment to say that I was literally stunned by his incredible performance, making it one of the highlights in an evening filled with pleasant surprises. Probably best known for his fractured [...]

Oki Dog

When the headline band has fucked off, leaving you to fill the top slot and pull in the punters and the money; when you've not had a soundcheck and your guitarist breaks a string in the first song, these are the things that can pile on the stress during a gig. But not it would [...]

The Shout Out Louds

The Swedish four piece trip daintily on stage, accompanied by a hurdy gurdy soundtrack that conjures up images of accordion-playing moustachioed fellows and Heidi running through lush meadows. Happily, keyboardist Bebban dispels this unsettling feeling of general European healthiness. Purveying a sense of downright sexual dirtiness, and decked out in a white flowered number that [...]

Sigur Rós

Despite living in Iceland for a period of my life, I'd never sampled the pleasures of Iceland's finest band live. For those unfamiliar with the output of Sigur R's, the band is truly like no other: its music is unique, powerful and moving, highly emotive and other worldly—from a world with better music than our [...]


It's been less than a fortnight since guitarist Pete Townshend warned Generation iPod about the dangers of loud music and hearing damage, and what do I go and do? Something far worse... Scotland's Mogwai have been delivering their doses of instrumental mood swings for over a decade now, and only subtle successive changes to their formula [...]

Depeche Mode

Opposing the sad skeleton of Wembley Stadium lays a pristine new Arena and it's Depeche Mode who have been blessed with the task of testing the acoustics. And what a band to start with! The 80s may be long over but the batteries installed in the Basildon trio show no sign of powering down. Neither [...]