The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Hardcore gamers, contrary to many opinions, are regular people. They eat, they sleep, they laugh, they love – just like everybody else. It just happens that all these things seem to only ever happen when they’re around their computers. So, it’s important to realise that when it comes to this certain type of gamer – [...]

Shellshock: Nam ’67

Gaming goes in phases. First one company has a good idea, and, if that company makes a great execution of that idea, everyone else jumps on the bandwagon and follows suit. And so it was with Medal of Honour, a lovely little first-person shooter that was in many ways tied to Saving Private Ryan, and [...]

Half-Life 2

Half-Life was a long and beautifully crafted game. From the exceptionally good intro sequence; a long and winding travel through the ubiquitous Black Mesa labs from entry to your assigned position, you, Dr. Gordon Freeman, knew this was gonna be a great ride. And it was. Teleportation and nuclear science, that's the name of this scientists [...]

Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer’s Call

Death and rebirth are fairly common themes in role-playing games, and Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer's Call is no exception. It begins with a death. It ends with a birth. The fundamental difference between this and most other RPGs is what dies, what's born and what happens in the meantime. The death it opens with is the death [...]

Taito Legends

Let's be honest, Taito isn't a name that’s as immediately recognisable as Capcom, Konami or Namco. A decade of only ever appearing to release minor updates to the one puzzle game - Puzzle Bobble/Bust a Move - has done little for the company’s stature. Which is why it's always a shock when you remember that Taito were [...]

Advance Wars: Dual Strike DS

Turn-based strategy was proclaimed by many to be a dead genre a few years ago. The popularity and prevalence of its real-time cousin caused many spectators to presume that the slower-paced, less hectic game was one that had had its day. It was an opinion strengthened by the moribund state of the few examples drifting [...]

Burnout Revenge

Burnout Revenge is about driving fast, and stopping faster. It creates one of the fastest sensations of speed ever - there's no question of that - and it features some of the most glorious crashes I've ever seen. It takes the gameplay from the already excellent Burnout 3: Takedown, which itself revitalised the series, and still manages [...]

Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan

Go into your local videogame store and have a dig around in the PS2 section, through the shelves of also-rans and budget titles. You might come across a box with a busy manga cover, the name Gitaroo Man just about visible in amongst all the characters. If you do, pick it up. It’s one of the PS2’s [...]

Half-Life 2 (Xbox)

[See our review of the PC version here] It's a hard life, being a games reviewer. You'd think it would all be peaches and cream - playing games for ages and then being allowed to write about them (and if you're really lucky, being paid for the privilege). But it's a lot harder than that. When [...]


Ocean Software were undoubtedly one of the finest games publishers of the 1980s and even the early 1990s, and Robocop is certainly one of the crowning glories in video game history. The Sinclair Spectrum version (not that there seemed to be much difference between other platforms) became one of the biggest sellers of all time – it [...]


It's an irresistible premise. A virtual pet - a puppy, no less - that responds to your touch and the sound of your voice. All the enjoyment of owning a real dog, with none of the associated annoyances or worries. Along with an unusually amusing advertising campaign and a couple of attractive game/console bundles, it's [...]

Xbox 360

The Xbox was a bit of a surprise to many. The initial announcement of its existence was largely met with ridicule: here was Microsoft doing what it does best ' jumping on a lucrative bandwagon that it had yet to exploit. The big joke was that it would inevitably attempt to do too many things [...]

Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus isn't actually a sequel to the wondrous Ico, but from the moment you set eyes upon the game, it's clear that it's cut from the same cloth. The way it sounds, the way it looks, and most importantly, the way it feels. And for anyone who's taken the time to experience [...]

We Love Katamari

Well the literal translation of Katamari Damacy is basically, 'clump of souls'. But that's not entirely helpful. We ♥ Katamari is actually the second game in the series, but marks the first time it's been released in the UK. Sadly it seems that the game was deemed too obscure for Western tastes, because it doesn't [...]

Project Gotham Racing 3

If ever a game could put lie to the claim that graphics don't make a difference to how something plays, it's Project Gotham Racing 3. The series has always been renowned for its visuals: the first iteration, Metropolis Street Racer, pushed people's expectations of the Dreamcast before its successor, Project Gotham, demonstrated the Xbox's power. But this [...]